About Us

Take risks, try new things, and most importantly: play…

B. Mindt, the wisest man we know

Who Is Thespian Studios?

Thespian Studios is a collaborative production company run by a tightly-knit group of artists of various backgrounds, who all have one simple thing in common: we love the arts.

Company Message

At Thespian Studios, we are dedicated to exactly what we all love: art.  Our mission is simply to create, and do our part in contributing to this world by helping others to do the same.  We believe art is one of—if not the—biggest driving factor in every culture because without art, you have no clothes to wear (fashion), no offices to work out of and homes to live in (architecture), no music or food to eat, and so much more.  So as artists, it’s our basic duty to do what we can to help keep the arts alive and healthy.

Creativity, Collaboration, & Leadership

So far, Thespian Studios is still a growing company; we have two executives who (with the amazing help of their team) run the company. Here is a little about each.

Brandon “Banjo” Tiehen

Co-Founder/CEO & Team Leader

Banjo co-founded Thespian Studios with a friend & business partner of his more than 10 years ago under a different name. Though it was not official, this was their “company”. After a couple music videos, a few short films, and a some paid work, Banjo decided to build an official team and take Thespian Studios to the next level: becoming a “real thing”. Aside from filmmaking/visual arts, Banjo is also a musician; to this day, he holds the truest love for music, with a desire to play every instrument he meets. He also spars with an aspiring boxer from time-to-time, as Banjo is also a Martial Arts enthusiast.

Emerald Jade

COO & Team Leader

Emerald has been an artist the entirety of her life, with experience ranging from music to drawing, and photography/video. As a friend of Banjo for more than 16 years, she helps him keep his head on straight and reign in the ideas to a comprehensible state. Emerald joined the Thespian Studios team in December of 2019, as the pre-production for one of their projects was beginning (which she later co-directed). Aside from T.S., she also does her own independent photography work, and enjoys a wide variety of music in both listening and singing.