About Us

Take risks, try new things, and most importantly: play…

B. Mindt, the wisest man we know

Who Is Thespian Studios?

Thespian Studios is a collaborative production company run by a tightly-knit group of artists of various backgrounds, who all have one simple thing in common: we love the arts.

Company Message

At Thespian Studios, we are dedicated to exactly what we all love: art.  Our mission is simply to create, and do our part in contributing to this world by helping others to do the same.  We believe art is one of—if not the—biggest driving factor in every culture because without art, you have no clothes to wear (fashion), no offices to work out of and homes to live in (architecture), no music or food to eat, and so much more.  So as artists, it’s our basic duty to do what we can to help keep the arts alive and healthy.