Our company does a wide variety of creative services, ranging from simply helping you figure out what your idea is, to bringing you into the creative space to bring this idea to life.  Not only do we work with each person on their idea, but our paid services run for an average of 15% less than the going state and/or national rates, because we like to work with your budget so that you can make your vision a reality.  In the table below is a breakdown of our services, all of which are by quote.

Marketing Consultation
Video/Audio/Photo Consultation
Video: Full Production
Video: Pre-Production (Preparation)
Video: Production (Shooting)
Video: Post-Production (Editing)
Audio: Mixing & Mastering
Audio: Sound Design
Photography: Full Photoshoot
Photography: Editing / Design
Referral discount available on all services.

“The video was a hit…it looked very professional…Nicely done.

— D. Webster